When the Covid-19 pandemic spread to the United States, New York City as well as Westchester, New York was the first declared 'hot zone'. The concept of 'New York Strong' was tested more than it ever has been before. Our healthcare community banded together and worked incredibly hard to save as many lives as possible as well as halt further spreading of the virus. These essential workers are nothing short of heroes, New York would not be the same without them.

The nursing team at White Plains Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Westchester County that was inundated with Covid-19 patients, held a conference (ELNEC) in the Fall of 2020 to promote excellence in nursing during end of life. During this conference the team memorialized the patients they lost during this incredibly difficult season.

I was asked to create a motion graphic memorial tribute for this conference containing all of the names of the patients lost – 272 people in total. Due to HIPPA restrictions, the patient's first name and age is the only information provided to the public.

The End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) is a nationally recognized course focused in the end of life regarding serious illness. This course was offered to 65 nurses as part of promoting excellence in nursing care at White Plains Hospital.

This video is designed and paced to offer a moment of silence, rest, 

and contemplation to the viewer for the lives lost.

patients aged 30-49

patients aged 50-79

patients aged 80-100+