I truly believe there is power in all forms of communication. But as we all know, the ability to express ourselves clearly and easily is hard work. It’s an art form. It takes practice.  The communication method of writing offers safety for the user along with expression of ideas and feelings. For this reason many people take up journaling. It’s freeing, private, cleansing, and encourages mindful decision making. This practice is similar but we add a dash of design and a bit of abstraction. Now, you have typographic therapy.

I began this personal practice when I was young as you can read about in my artist statement below. Although this practice was originally designed for me, I plan to develop this concept further as my career continues. My goal is to utilize this practice as a way to provide art therapy through practiced and ritualistic making for all.


Below is my installation for the Maine College of Art BFA Show in the Fall of 2019. I took this opportunity to create a piece that processed my first semester as a Graphic Design major. To date this is the largest version of my practice I have ever completed, especially in such a short time frame.