Here you will find only the FINAL products, systems, designs, and developments from my senior research and thesis year at Maine College of Art and Design earning my BFA. 

This multidisciplinary exploration spanned from November 2020 – May 2021. I am incredibly proud of how much I was 

able to accomplish during this time but I do plan to pick these concepts back up when I have the time and resources to develop them further. 

During this time I explored more mediums than I can possibly list without giving you a headache so please explore the process, theory and full development of this complex project 

at ‘The Thesis’ page featured at the menu bar above. 

As you scroll on please remember this is only a presentation 

of final works; if you would like to learn more about any 

products or creations in particular, feel free to contact me.

My thesis exploration, to put it simply, revolved around the concept of: 

What if we could utilize Design Thinking in behavioral therapy practices to allow individuals the opportunity and the tools to develop themselves and their place in the world on their timeline. By using Design Thinking and Design practices to develop these systems we allow for the opportunity of reproduction, replication, and expansion. Developing accessible tools and hypothetical spaces allows for these systems to be implemented both in communities and private homes. This concept would allow for a self-leading approach to healing, therapy and learning the art of processing.

Below you can find my Exhibit in the Friedman gallery presenting my various findings, research, products, and creations.

Below you can peek into the take home art therapy kits I designed to distill my year of research into one accessible adventure-in-a-box for all. I produced roughly 50 boxes, gathered volunteers, and beta tested this product. Below you can see some of the results. Overall, I was blown away at the positive response and benefits the participants shared with me.

I plan to market and develop this product in the future.

Design. Environment. Theory. Science. 1,000+ pages bound together in one book to commemorate four years of readings given to me at Maine College of Art.

Below you will find this periodic table I designed based on a hospital survey in NYC outlining the various aspects of wellness (especially those that are often overlooked).

my Thesis.

in completion.