Fall 2019. The task was to create a magazine utilizing a favorite podcast and make it come to life on each spread. I chose one of my favorites –  

The Movies That Changed Me created by OnBeing and led by Lily Percy. If you haven't heard of it, I highly recommend. This episode in particular takes you through the movie Dan in Real Life. One of my all time favorites (Perhaps because I would watch it a lot with my mom, maybe it's my love of Steve Carrell and Diane Wiest, or it could even be the incredible score). All in all, it never fails to warm my heart.. and dare I say…Change me.

In this podcast Sharon Salzberg, a buddhist teacher and author, discusses the complexity yet universality of love. The importance of recognizing love is an ability not a feeling. We all have the capacity to love and be loved if we take the time. I won't give too much away but give this magazine a read. Perhaps it will inspire you to watch the movie and give this episode a listen. I hope it influences you just as much as it has influenced me.

Grid System

This movie takes place in a small Rhode Island town. 

I opted to use this as inspiration when designing 

the grid for my magazine spread.