Politics & Design

What is it good for?

As many know, politics are an inescapable part of modern life. Eventually, we all develop our various opinions on how our society should treat and take care of others, and we vote accordingly. It’s pretty incredible that we have the freedom to make decisions like that but the beauty of creating collective change for the better often gets taken away and it becomes a cat fight. All claws.

With design, we can bring some of that beauty back. We can take a moment to slow down, and remember why these systems are in place. We can advocate for positive change, mindful action, and policy rooted in good morals when we communicate visually. We can root for people making our dreams a reality. We can regain hope.

Below are a few politicians I have had the pleasure to work with. These projects could be challenging at times but always rewarding because at the end of the day I was able to communicate a message that not only I believed in, but I knew had good intentions and good people behind it.




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Safiya Khalid, a 23 year old from Lewiston, ME was recently elected to City Council achieving her goal of building a better City Council that is reflective of the community and responsive to their needs.

As an advocate for representation in all forms and its necessity for a thriving society, Safiya's story resonated with me. I featured her loud and proud in her natural state, smiling while walking the streets of her town, ready to listen and provide action.

Sam Zager, a Maine doctor turned politician, is a strong advocate for all things I believe in: public health, education reform, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and the value of diversity. Being the only clean election candidate, it was an honor to provide the visual identity for his campaign.

The times that make all the hard work worth it.


I am often called at the last minute on a recommendation from someone else to hop in and beat a deadline. In this instance, Victoria had a fully designed campaign but lost her designer at the last second leaving her print materials left unfinished.

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