a New Day

The Mindfulness Mirror & Companion Wellness App

In the Fall of 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, I began my senior year of college. The semester focus was Experience Design (commonly reffered to as UX Design). During this grueling semester we enhanced our researching skills, practiced data visualization and developed products for personas based on our ethnographic research.  

With Covid, the state of our world, and the meaning of ‘Normal’ on my mind; I began my semester under the prompt of How might we foster self sufficient, easily adaptable, and focused individuals with resilience during chaos? 

After a semester of research and data analyzation I developed my final product: 

a personal assistant type system that takes form in household mirrors. 


Product brief



Below you can explore the thought process and stages behind the companion app to accompany the main mirror functionality.

The daily interface through the mirror would be connected to your smart phone providing a different viewpoint and a more long term perspective on your weeks ahead and patterns from months before. 

The companion app would also serve as a checking in point throughout the day if needed.


New Day Mirror Companion App