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I began my journey working at Martin's Point Health Care January of 2019 as the Marketing and Graphic Design Intern under lead designer, Aaron Skilling. Healthcare and its easy access are very important to me as the child of two healthcare providers; I have always been drawn to the parallels between design and health and what we have the power to heal when working in tandem. Through my role I was able to better comprehend the power that design can hold, in this instance, we could potentially save lives.

Through the marketing department and under Aaron Skilling I was able to create, design, and work on various community engagement projects as well as provide materials for our healthcare centers to provide better care. After a few months and a great summer of working with the incredible team, I joined as a full member becoming Aaron's Assistant Designer. I remained in that position for the following year until leaving in August of 2020. Through this more full time role I was able to participate in company wide initiatives such as our web presence rebranding, our marketing rebranding, our covid response, and the doctor profile card delivery system.

Below are a few of my favorite posters, materials, brochures, and motion graphics that were created during my time at Martin's Point. I cannot show it all, although I would love to but these are the highlights.

During my time at MP I fell in love with in-house design.  

It helped that the work culture was exquisite,  

but I began to see design in a whole new light.  

Service perspective rather than a cultural one. 

Creating art to create art is fabulous, but when you give it a purpose, 

a message, and a clear audience‚Ķ communication can take new and successful forms we never imagined.

Your Health Your Story Campaign: Encouraging Individuality and personalized care.

Community Engagement Promotional Materials: Birds!

Employee Thank you Promotional Event: 

Ice Cream Day

Health Care Center Brochures

Health Care Center Brochures

Health Care Center Monitor Slides

Health Care Center Monitor Slides

Health Care Center Monitor Slides

Promotional Motion Graphics of Company Logo