Covid-19 Research Semester

I began the fall of 2020 with an opportunity to enhance my researching and data visualization skills with a semester long study. I chose to research pandemic adaptations among young adults — what we as a country are doing, what we are trying to get done, and what is being forgotten when it comes to quality of life. 

After extensive research, exploration, and interaction I learned that young people adapted well with changes to physical surroundings but have struggled to maintain mental stability without societal structures forcing or helping them.

Below is a collection of some of the research gathered and synthesized during this time. This data led to the design solution and development of the New Day Mirror featured at the next project.


Miro Board examples of thought process, research questions, 

initial mappings, and focus of study.


 Consolidated Data of ethnographic field research gathered through social media.


Consists of target market audiences developed through extensive research of young adults aged 18-23.


exhibiting the adjusted planning involved for tasks as simple as eating during lockdown.