Art Therapy

Take Home Kits by The Mind Maze

In my practice, and especially in times of Covid, I attempt to keep accessibility at the forefront of everything I create. This Art Therapy Take Home Kit produced under the brand: The Mind Maze, serves as a method of bringing art, design, education, as well as both creative and critical thinking into the home, accessibly.

 In just a mere 6x4 inch box there are 7 activity prompts and all the supplies needed for an afternoon of reflective crafting and making. The prompts help the user to immerse themselves in an open minded free play experience. This product was developed using tools of Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Buddhist exercises, and Bauhaus creation techniques.

Ultimately, once completed the user will feel more in tune with themselves, their abilities, and their headspace. Ideally, users will better understand the importance of implementing creative making/play, observation, mindfulness, and solitude into their life.

Above you can find the mini instruction booklet (digitally). In the kit this takes form in a Zine. 

Below you can find the activity prompt cards leading you through the stages of development.

Product in Practice

These kits were produced and tested for a select group of 50 participants. They were asked to set aside a day to document and complete this kit for their benefit. They then filled out a survey prompting further reflection on their activity. Participants had the option of documenting their kit or mailing them back. you can see a combination of both results below. 

This product is in further development and will be available for the public soon.