Motion and Design go hand in hand – so it is only natural to dabble here and there and make your graphics come to life. These are two of my favorite motion graphics I created while learning the adobe after effects software. It was a grueling process but ultimately a rewarding one.

Below you will find a monogram I created for myself Brough to life with the grids that fill my brain and the music that sticks in my ears (and I would like to think would score my life if it were a movie.)

my first go at learning adobe after effects.

the project that made me fall in love.

all over again.

This book – to say the least, changed my life. I have always been an optimistic realist, constantly torn between my melancholy and my child like enjoyment of the world. When I read this book I was able to better appreciate the importance of duality, in a myriad of ways. Every re-reading since has been eye opening. If you have not read it, I highly recommend checking it out.

The motion graphics you will see below are my interpretation of what the title sequence would be if this were to be made into a movie. A movie I would happily purchase many a repeat showing to and perhaps even a dvd. Enjoy.

Title Sequence: Against Happiness.