What began as a crazy idea as a teenager turned into a fabulous post-college, mid-pandemic, design experiment. 7 years of dreaming. 2 years of planning. 10 months of conversion: Meet WeWoo. A 2004 Ford E-450 Diesel De-Comissioned Ambulance converted into an adventure mobile and traveling studio.

Mileage: 141,000 at purchase. Gets 20 miles/gallon

Weight: roughly 16,000

Height: Exterior – 9ft. Interior – Can fit my 6'5 partner standing up.

When we began this journey my partner and I set out to discover the most economical – fun – roomy – methods of van life. After a great deal of research, trial and error, and lots of sweat…we completed this feat.

Below you can see snippets of the process but for the full journey check out @seeking.thegrid on instagram.

2022 Update

Since her conversion in 2021 and 2022, WeWoo has traveled to 26 states, 7 national parks, and championed through 13,000 miles. Taking a break for the winter – WeWoo is getting some upgrades, tune-ups, and rest before her next and BIGGER adventures to come.