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Maine Lawyers Review - Editorial

The Green Well - Signage

Curation | 2023 Exhibitions

Camp Shiloh - Wayfinding & Signage

Play Lab: Surrealist Play Gone Astray

CBM - Typography

Ambulance Conversion -- Product Design

New Day Mirror - Product Design

Women and Other Crimes - Book Design

The Haredresser Styling Studio- Brand System and Signage Design

The Mind Maze - Exhibition Design

The Mind Maze - Art Therapy Kits - Product Design

The Mind Maze - Process Book Design

COVID-19 Memorial - Motion Graphic Design

Milton Glaser Study - Book Design

Indigo Arts Alliance - Signage Design

Vernon - Typography

Seeking and Shifting - Editorial Design

Radical Workmarks - Typography

2020 Olympics - Branding Design

Martins Point Health Care - In House Design

Various Textile Printing - Printmaking

Portland Museum of Art - Internship

Various Animation Works - Motion Graphic Design

Various Political Work - Print Design and Signage

Illustration - Editorial Design

Typographic Therapy - Exhibition Design

Covid Research - Human Centered Design